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September 14, 2023

Evansville Sunrise Pump Station and Cascade Receives 2023 Aim Community Placemaking Award

Evansville Sunrise Pump Station and Cascade Receives 2023 Aim Community Placemaking Award Header Image

Located in Evansville, Indiana, the Sunrise Pump Station and Cascade serves as a multifaceted asset to the community. Designed with a peak pumping capacity of 40 mgd, it includes site piping and diversion structures to route flow from the gravity flow sewer to the new pump station, variable speed controls for all pumps, electrical and control equipment in an unrated space, an emergency generator system, and an automated control system with telemetry compatible to the Utility’s existing SCADA. The effluent is pumped via two force mains over the Ohio River levee and discharged to a cascading aeration structure. This, combined with the facility’s beautiful design, unique learning opportunities, and integration into a community park, make it the perfect candidate for the Aim Community Placemaking Award it recently received.

From the start, the project maintained a focus on how the facility could best integrate into and become a true asset to the community. To accomplish this, a number of unique features were included, such as a wall of windows allowing community members to see what’s happening in the laboratory, a year-round public access space with both outdoor and indoor restrooms, and a second floor observation deck. The popular Kids Kingdom playground’s eventual need for some upgrades also presented the opportunity to expand the pump station into the area where the playground was located at the time, with a future, modernized rebuild and relocation. The resulting, updated Mickey’s Kingdom playground fulfills this vision, serving as one of the largest all-abilities playgrounds in the entire Midwest.

The result was a project truly worthy of the recognition it received as an Aim Community Placemaking Award recipient in the greater than 75,000 population category. Aim – or Accelerate Indiana Municipalities – is an organization that advocates for municipalities in the state of Indiana. Its Placemaking Award honors projects that have taken an innovative approach to municipal problem solving, provide a quality community space, and contribute to the community’s wellbeing. The Evansville Sunrise Pump Station checks all three boxes, making it a true community asset.

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