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August 11, 2022

Indiana WEA Annual Conference to feature Donohue Presenters

Indiana WEA Annual Conference to feature Donohue Presenters Header Image

The 2022 Indiana Water Environment Association (IWEA) Annual Conference will celebrate “50 Years of the Clean Water Act” August 16th-19th at the Grand Wayne Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana. In addition to the technical program and anniversary celebration, the conference will highlight the people and processes that have led to monumental improvements in water quality around the nation.

Seven Donohue professionals will be sharing technical insights on informative topics affecting the wastewater industry. Presenters include:

  • Steve Gress | Primary Filtration: Design Considerations from Concept to Execution
  • Kris Ransberger | Three Keys to Wastewater Treatment at Goshen: Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency
  • Richard Claus | Owner-Procured Equipment - A Tale of Two UV Projects
  • Emily Wehmeyer | Sunrise Pump Station - From Then to Now (Evansville, IN)
  • Tracy Williams| Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) for Better Projects, Better Value
  • Andrew Dow | Three P’s of PFAS Management: Perspective, Planning, and Piloting
  • Katherine Merkle| 40-Year Improvements (Richmond Sanitary District)

 Learn more at https://indianawea.org/annual-conference/

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