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March 16, 2021

Recent Progress at the Evansville Sunrise Pump Station

Recent Progress at the Evansville Sunrise Pump Station Header Image

Take a flyover tour of recent progress at the Sunrise Pump Station and Cascade Outfall construction site in Evansville, Indiana: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IqhgAOwp7A. The Donohue project is slated for ENVISION certification, a distinction earned through the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure.

The Sunrise Pump Station is designed for a peak pumping capacity of 40 mgd to pump treated effluent from the Eastside WWTP to the Ohio River. The effluent will be pumped via two force mains over the Ohio River levee and discharge to a cascading aeration structure.

The Pump Station includes site piping and diversion structures to route flow from the gravity flow sewer to the new effluent pump station, variable speed controls for all pumps, electrical and control equipment, emergency generator system, and automated control system with telemetry compatible to the Utility’s existing SCADA.

Sunrise Pump Station Cascade Outfall2

Since the new pumping station is located in Sunrise Park, aesthetic park restoration and improvements were an important design aspect. A stakeholder engagement process was conducted with multiple stakeholders. The Donohue team provided support documents and technical assistance to develop the desired approach for park rehabilitation and final restoration.

Extensive permitting support included facilitating discussions with IDEM and USEPA regarding the sampling locations, outfalls and permitting requirements for the various CSO and treatment plant discharges for the East WWTP IOCP components; organizing and conducting a combined permitting coordination meeting with the Utility, IDEM, and USEPA to determine NPDES permitting requirements prior to construction; and assisting the Utility in preparing documentation for NPDES permit modifications.

The drone video was recorded February 2, 2021, by Evansville Water & Sewer Utility Surveyor Brad Kleaving.

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