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Stormwater Management Master Plan Header Image

Stormwater Management Master Plan

Client: City of Butler

Location: Butler, Indiana

The City of Butler was experiencing surface flooding, combined sewer backups into homes, storm sewer surcharging, and high rates of infiltration and inflow during wet weather periods. Donohue was retained to evaluate the existing systems and identify recommended capital improvements over a ten-year period to improve surface drainage. The project included green and sustainable infrastructure improvements, storm sewer system mapping, and revisions to local stormwater ordinances.

The analysis focuses on five targeted areas where flooding has historically been a problem as well as other areas that became evident during the analysis. Various alternatives were identified using stormwater modeling programs such as MIKE URBAN to evaluate the existing stormwater system capacities for flow conveyance.

Donohue conducted a statistical analysis of each alternative to determine impacts to stormwater utility rates for residents and local businesses.