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Collection System SCADA

Client: City of Indianapolis

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

The City of Indianapolis retained Donohue to provide planning, design, and construction phase services for a new SCADA system to replace the City’s existing wastewater conveyance alarm system. The coverage area is approximately 400 square miles and includes over 270 remote pump stations and two advanced wastewater treatment plants (Belmont and Southport). The new SCADA system provides for monitoring and control over these and future facilities. At full build-out, over 650 sites and 45,000 hard I/O points will be included.

The planning study defined the new SCADA System capabilities and performance. To effectively involve participants, which included City’s operations, maintenance, engineering, and IT personnel, the study was organized around a series of 13 workshops. The planning workshops addressed needs assessment, available SCADA technology, and evaluation/selection of SCADA solution.  

Design workshops finalized design criteria, system architecture, and preferences. The workshops provided an opportunity for system users to be involved in the design process and provide input into the final design.

To achieve cost-effective operation and maintenance of plant operations, the new process control system is based on one common set of standards resulting in one integrated system. Standard I&C master specifications developed by Donohue are being used on all capital projects involving connection to one of the City’s process control system networks, modification of central SCADA system, or use of automation hardware, software and services.