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Wet Weather Pumping and Treatment

Client: City of Fort Wayne

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana

The City of Fort Wayne retained Donohue & Associates to design major improvements to its 550 mgd Wet Weather Pump Station (WWPS). The project successfully addressed the City’s objectives: meet wet weather compliance requirements, improve flood protection for City residents, and mitigate grit accumulation within the pump station wet well.

Physical hydraulic testing and modeling confirmed and optimized performance and intake design. Two existing vertical column mixed flow pumps, each rated at 160 mgd, were upgraded with new medium voltage, induction-type motors to be operated on variable frequency drives (VFDs). Two new 95 mgd pumps with VFDs were added to the pump station. Two new 10 mgd (150 hp) centrifugal, submersible type pumps replace the existing dewatering pump, and provisions were made to allow the addition of two future pumps each with a rated capacity up to 160 mgd. Ultimately, total station pumping capacity will be 850 mgd.

The project included a new screening facility, modifications to the existing discharge structure, new electrical facilities, and a sophisticated control system. Complex construction sequencing allowed the WWPS to continuously operate during its transformation.