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Water Main Replacements

Client: Aqua Illinois

Location: Danville, Illinois

Donohue was retained by Aqua Illinois, a water company that owns and operates the public water system serving the City of Danville, Illinois, to design water main replacements in five separate areas in the City.  Each of the five projects involved replacing aging and/or undersized water mains with new 8-inch ductile iron mains. The project involves a total of 11,800 lineal feet or roughly 2.2 miles of new main, all of which are in suburban residential areas.

Aqua furnished the ductile iron water main pipe materials, valves, fittings, polyethylene wrap, and service line materials for construction contractor installation. Nearly all of the new water mains must be installed within existing rights-of-way and under existing City of Danville street pavements, therefore, backfill materials must consist of controlled low strength material (a.k.a. flowable fill) in order to meet City ordinances.

Because of the high potential for disruption to existing traffic patterns caused by the water main installations, Donohue worked with the City Engineer to prepare detailed traffic control plans.