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Water Tower Painting

Client: City of Silvis

Location: Silvis, Illinois

Donohue assisted the City of Silvis with a painting and rehabilitation project for a 400,000-gallon elevated tank located in a residential setting. This project involved complete sand-blast removal to bare metal (SP-6) together with a new paint system. The project included containment of the tank exterior as well as interior tank access tube repairs and upgrades.

Silvis is the host City for the John Deere Classic golf tournament,  part of the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) Tour. Using alternate bids, the City was able to compare the costs of the golf-ball style paint system with a more traditional exterior design, choosing then to proceed with the golf ball.

The tank exterior was painted with a Tnemec three-coat system using a zinc-based prime coat, epoxy-based intermediate coat, and Tnemec’s hydroflon for the top coat. This system provided an overall minimum 8mm coating system.

Silvis received widespread recognition of its golf ball design during the PGA event and received second place in Tnemec’s 2013 Tank of the Year competition.