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Electrical Improvements

ACEC Illinois Engineering Excellence Merit Award Winner

Client: Illinois American Water Company

Location: Peoria, Illinois

Donohue provided planning and designed improvements to increase the effective capacity and improved reliability at the Main Station Water Treatment Plant. The $6.8M project included the installation of a previously removed vertical turbine high service pump, replacement of the electrical distribution system, and flood protection for the equipment due to the plant's location next to the Illinois River. The plant previously used 2.4 kV for site distribution and high service pump motor utilization.

The system was upgraded to distribute 13.2 kV throughout the plant in a looped configuration using aerial reclosers and bare conductors supported by poles and cross arms. The reclosers are configured in a main-tie-main scheme so that each half of the loop is fed from an independent utility source. A 13.2 kV engine generator provides backup power to the loop. 

Other electrical improvements consist of a new power supply to the ultraviolet disinfection facility, a new split bus, draw-out switchgear for the High Service Pump Station and a new split bus switchboard for the filter building. Donohue designed a new supply for a 15 mgd high service pump as well as new induction motors and variable frequency drives for 5, 10 and 15 mgd pumps rated at 400, 700 and 1200 HP. 

New SCADA equipment, including a PLC panel with redundant controllers and power supplies, was provided. The panel controls the high service pump station and has overhead fiber communications to connect the High Service Pump Station to plant SCADA.

To maintain water treatment during the construction period, extensive construction sequences and constraints were developed for the construction contract documents, including coordination with the electric utility to minimize source disruptions. 

The successful project received an ACEC Illinois Engineering Excellence Merit Award.