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Water Distribution Model

Client: City of O’Fallon

Location: O’Fallon, Missouri

The City of O’Fallon retained Donohue to update its model of the water distribution system. The purpose of the study was to integrate the model with the City’s GIS, input several new water main extensions, quantify the benefit of new water main reinforcements, and determine locations for new finished water storage.

A total of 4,560 new pipe segments were brought into the model, including the additional water mains and related components of all new subdivisions and developments brought into the City since 2001. Donohue calibrated the model by taking static pressure and C-value measurements within in several key locations. Donohue also used the model to evaluate several options for furnishing additional finished water to the system, including increasing production capacity at the City’s 6-mgd water plant, drilling new deep aquifer wells and treating the water at the wellhead, and purchasing bulk finished water from adjacent water utilities.

Since its issuance, the City has used the model to update its Capital Improvements Plan (CIP) and in long-range planning for its distribution system.